Fashion Makeup Artist Melbourne

Be inspired by the best fashion and beauty makeup trends of Spring/Summer 2017

There where many diverse beauty trends on the spring runway this year. An ode to our youth, showcasing bare skin with minimal product. Bright kick’s of colour and a glittery flash back to the 80’s. Beauty is now moving away from the heavy fashion makeup style of instagram and moving into an effortless and natural state.
Here are some of the most authoritative beauty trends of 2017 and tips on how to re-create these fashion makeup looks at home.

Clean Skin

Alexander Wang, YEEZY, Proenza Schouler, Isabel Marant & Lanvin.

Of all the gorgeous beauty looks we saw this year, the natural makeup look was second to none. Pioneering the minimalistic movement are the likes of Alicia Keys followed by Kim Kardashian at the Balenciaga show. There’s no denying that the ‘no makeup’ trend has taken front row at some of this years most prestigious runway shows.

How to Re-create; There is no doubt that the skin is the hero of this fashion makeup design. Shelve the foundation and opt for a light wearing concealer blended under the eyes and over blemishes only.
Opt for a touch of crème blush applied ever so lightly on the apples of the cheeks, this will breathe life back into the skin. For the eyes I recommend blending a light application of bronzer in the crease of the eye for depth and frame the eyes with either brown or clear mascara.
Opt for a soft application of eye shadow to fill in the brows and a lick of clear mascara to set the shape, This simple trick will help shape your face and create structure. To finish this look, dab a touch of tinted lip conditioner onto the lips for a completed look.

Colour Pop

Pucci, Carven, Victoria Beckham& Max Mara

There is a minimalist/artistic feel about this fashion makeup trend. Many designers wanted to incorporate colour into the makeup design whilst keeping a certain level of scarcity. “Exotic and individual” were the key descriptions for the make-up at Max Mara. This beauty trend was on of the more evident looks hitting the runway and one that will most likely be around for a while to come.

How to Re-create; To keep the skin looking strong and flawless, use a full coverage gel based foundation followed by a subtle hint of crème blush. Colour is the main focus of this look. Stick to a bright colour eyeliner or create a bold smokey smudge over the eye with your colour of preference. Bright greens, white, yellow and red are the colours of choice but there are no rules when it comes to re-creating this look.
To finish, apply a lick of a sheer based lipstick over the lips to balance.


Alelier Versace, Kenzo, Fendi & DKNY

We saw a strong element of the eighties returning with the spring/ summer 2017 fashion makeup trends, bold eye shadow and blush was swept from the crease into the temples and tops of the cheeks—a technique known as draping
Burst’s of Metallic eye makeup and intense glittery rave pigment where one of the more festive trends hitting the runway. This beauty trend is all about colour and intensity.

How to Re-create; This beauty look is all about picking one element of the traditional 80’s beauty look and refreshing it with a twist.
Opt for a medium cover matt foundation for flawless skin, Load your brush up with a warm hue of blush and lightly sweep upwards, staring from the apples of the cheeks and finishing on the cheekbone. For the eyes, pick your electric colour pallet of choice. Opt for teals, lilacs and peach tones. To finish apply some pigment or reflex glitter over the mobile lid for an authentic 80’s edge. For the lips, use a lip liner in your preferred shade applied over the lip for structure and longevity.